Analysis through understanding.  SRK knows that facilities are more than buildings, your business depends on them.  Thorough, independent, comprehensive assessments to allow our clients to focus their core business.

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SRK Innovation is an adaptive company, grown from the necessity of the industry.  Small and nimble is what makes SRK a company that focuses on clients’ needs and root cause issues.  We are an involved project management, infrastructure design planning, and commissioning firm committed to innovative sequence planning, sustainable solutions, and high-quality services for clients nationwide. We view clients as partners where mutual respect, trust and integrity lead to long-term relationships over multiple projects.

SRK is committed to leading the industry with next-generation concepts and approaches that leverage the best of lessons learned and new technologies.  As part of our service offerings, SRK ensures optimum performance for new and existing buildings through analysis, planning, and validation.  Our focus is on high-performance building systems, central plants, and electrical infrastructures in the critical facility, healthcare, automation, and corporate buildings that provide optional performance increasing reliability while reducing operating costs.

Our goals are to create better and more efficient environments while improving system reliability, creating a better, more comfortable workplace. 

SRK Innovation looks forward to working with you and simplifying your project process. ​