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When an event happens that has a negative impact to your facility operations, understanding why it occurred is imperative to preventing it from occurring again.  Many times the first review of the situation only uncovers a symptom.  Diving deeper to uncover the true root cause is that way to prevent not only the same event, but other potential issues stemming from the same root cause.  Detailed analysis of the physical aspects, but also the operational sequencing and involved personnel in the issue are key steps to pushing past the symptom and to the root cause.


Facility Upgrade Planning and Migration

​Designing and constructing a new facility, or upgrading an existing one brings business challenges that add stress and effort to your already busy day.  Working with a partner to provide commissioning services beginning with the conceptual planning phases all the way through turn over and operation can reduce that effort and stress.  From constructability and design reviews to test and validation of installed systems, an experienced commissioning team can provide the insight and knowledge to ensure the new systems are operating optimally preventing costly rework and redesigns long after your team should be operating a new and efficient system.

Facility Operation Process Assessment

Following the turnover of new facilities, business needs immediately start to change and evolve.  This means the new facility will have to evolve to continue to meet the business needs.  Over time, those chances can decrease efficiency and operation robustness.    Having good procedures created from the beginning can help ensure system intent is still followed, but as those needs change, operating procedures need to continually be updated and system validation through Retro Commissioning will ensure the facility can still perform, operating at peak efficiency and providing a reliable infrastructure for the business to depend on.

Creating a new infrastructure can be accomplished through good collaboration and an understanding of your company’s goals for the future.  Being able to construct that new plan, has a process proven over many years.  Creating the new plan and constructing it within an operational facility introduces many new challenges and risks that are unique to each upgrade.  Reviewing the design, planning the implementation, and carrying it out without impact to the existing operations requires a specialized approach.  We work with your design and construction teams to provide that expertise to simplify the process, decrease risk, and implement with minimal impact to operations.

Analysis through understanding.  SRK knows that facilities are more than buildings, your business depends on them.  Thorough, independent, comprehensive assessments to allow our clients to focus their core business.

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Root Cause Investigation